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I'm Matteo

— a passionate product leader and advisor who loves building impactful products and nudging teams to greatness.

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My 20+ year journey has taken me from crafting code as a software engineer to leading the creation of impactful products as a strategic product leader. In this role, I bridge the gap between tech and user needs, seamlessly collaborating with cross‑functional teams.

I'm currently leading product development in Analytics and AI for retail e‑commerce at Google as a Group Product Manager. This role fuels my passion for building impactful products that make a real difference in people's lives.

Beyond tech, I bring a unique blend: the discipline of a former professional musician, the grit of an Ironman World Championship finisher and the resourcefulness of a dad of 3! This translates to a relentless pursuit of excellence and innovative solutions. I thrive in fast‑paced environments and embrace challenges head-on.

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